Still time to have your say on the National Pollinator Stategy ends 2nd May

The consultation document can be found here along with the online questionnaire.

Edited version of why the consultation is taking place:

Bees and other insect pollinators play an essential role in food production and in the diversity of the environment and its plant and animal life. They face a wide range of environmental pressures and some species are threatened. Defra is inviting views from interested parties* on the proposals for a National Pollinator Strategy they will then review and finalise the Strategy and its actions and publish it in
summer 2014 and it will be implemented.

The strategy is intended to safeguard pollinators and their essential pollination role, to make sure that they thrive and continue their important role in food production and in our environment. Defra is hoping to draw on the skills, experience and enthusiasm of interested parties. The proposed Strategy is a shared plan between Government and other interested parties and therefore includes a mix of proposed actions for Government and for others to take forward. We have worked with non-government organisations (NGOs), professional bodies, farmers, growers, businesses, the science community and delivery agencies in the last six months to develop the proposed actions.

The extensive list of interested parties DEFRA define is below:

Environmental campaigners ,
Animal welfare campaigners,
Trade Unions,
Employment Agencies,
Food Business Operators,
Licensed Gangmasters,
Food Industry,
Operators of animal gatherings,
Abattoir Operator,
Livestock show ground operators,
Manufacturers of livestock identifiers,
All Marine Users,
Government Departments,
Government Agencies,
Devolved Administrations,
Coastal Members of Parliament,
Coastal local authorities ,
National Park Authorities,
Recreation sector,
Coastal Management sector ,
Aggregates sector,
Energy sector,
Industries and professional services,
Ports and Harbour Authorities and Estuaries,
Water/water Industry sector,
Angling Organisations and Trade,
Fishing Focus individual recipients,
Water Abstractors,
Horse riders,
SME businesses,
Energy suppliers,
Water suppliers,
Leisure industry,
Tourism industry,
Insurance industry,
Horticulture Industry,
Shellfish Cultivators,
Tenant Farmers,
Agricultural Landlords,
Agricultural Valuers,
Land Agents,
Trading Standards Officers,
Environmental Health Officers