Plant Guardians Update

Plant Guardian plants on display at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

The total number of threatened plants currently being looked after by Plant Guardians is 237 taxa (with 16 of these being held by more than one person). We have 66 Plant Guardians, not all of whom have a plant in the scheme yet; but some have more than 50. The list is here if you want to have a look.

We are also keeping lists of the plants that don’t quite make the grade: we have 15 Not Threatened, 45 Near Threatened, and 8 that are Data Deficient (there is more than one plant registered with the same cultivar name, and it isn’t yet clear which one it is).

If you want to join in start here!  If you are interested in promoting the scheme we can send you some leaflets, either email or phone the office on  01483 447540.