Changes in the office from October

From the 1st October there are some changes occurring within the Conservation Team at Plant Heritage.

Mercy, currently Plant Conservation Officer will be working part time, and concentrating on policy, strategy and managing the team. Her job title will change to Conservation Manager.

Sophie, currently Threatened Plants Project Coordinator will extend her hours take over the Collections management from Mercy and will become Plant Conservation Officer, but continue to spend some of her time on the TPP and the Plant Guardians scheme. 

Kalani will also be extending her hours and will change her job title to Threatened Plants Project Manager. 

Gill and Gillian won’t alter their roles or their hours. 

Who to contact?

Collections and applications: 
Threatened Plants Project: 
Plant Guardians and Plant Conservation Committee issues: 
General policy issues: 

One phone number for all: 01483 447540

If you have any questions, please do contact us.