Botanical art in Cambridge

Learning to paint National Collections  –  a lovely way to enjoy and promote a National Plant Collection at the same time. Georita is a professional botanical illustrator whose work has appeared in Curtis’s among others. Advertisements


An updated Desiderata list in on the Plant Heritage website and can be accessed as a pdf here: Desiderata external Dec 2014 . Desiderata are the plants that National Collection Holders are searching for to add to their Collections.  We ask that only plants that are hard to get hold of are listed, so what may appear…

Plant Recording Systems: Iris BG

All information taken from Iris BG website. Iris is a modular system, like BG Base. The standard package includes: Collections Management • Manages your accessions with information such as taxon, origin, locality, collector, determination history, material type, IPEN-number, images etc. • For the items related to an accession (e.g. plants, herbarium specimen), information such as…


Useful information for those who use pesticides about ‘grandfather’s rights’ in here : e-Horticulturist November 2014 Very attractive Hortax newsletter, don’t be put off by the fact that it concerns horticultural taxonomy – it is immensely readable, with lots of useful information for Collection Holders.

Is conservation losing ground?

With the recent publication of two reports on progress towards global conservation goals, it seems that despite best intentions, there is insufficient progress for it to be likely that most of the goals for the Aichi Targets  or the related Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC) will be met. Is this an indication that the…