An updated Desiderata list in on the Plant Heritage website and can be accessed as a pdf here: Desiderata external Dec 2014 .

Desiderata are the plants that National Collection Holders are searching for to add to their Collections.  We ask that only plants that are hard to get hold of are listed, so what may appear to be a commonly-available plant could be mis-identified in the trade, and the Collection Holder is trying to find material from the genuine plant. Some may appear to have a wrongly spelled name, but that could be because the only record of that plant is from such a source. Collection Holders may attempt to chase down plants that have only been heard of, referred to by a writer, or mentioned once in a note book.

If you have any of these plants, we would love to hear from you. Please contact the Plant Heritage office (01483 447540 or If you are a Collection Holder and think that some of the plants listed are yours and are out of date, please let us know.