British Society of Plant Breeders

One of the speakers at the recent Plantnetwork discussion on Nagoya was Penny Maplestone of the British Society of Plant Breeders. She highlighted the information that was available on their Plant Breeding Matters website. Although focused on crops, there is some interesting stuff there. Advertisements

Kew’s Science Strategy

Kew’s much anticipated Science Strategy is published today. While it is critical to the future of Kew and the work done there, it is also indicative of the current climate for botanic gardens and plant science. The report is very focused on the use and dissemination of existing data, for example building on the work being…

Update on Nagoya

After the recent discussion day organised by Plantnetwork and focusing on the possible impact of the Nagoya ABS implementation on botanic gardens and large public gardens, I have updated the information produced last year a little.( PH Nagoya doc, update Feb 2015 ) As more information becomes available, I will continue to add it. In the mean-time,…

Interesting reading from Reading

A blog that brings together some of the research work done by Reading students in Alistair Culham’s research group. Sounds too dry for you? Recent posts include information UK powdery mildew, apple authenticity and the dreaded horsetail. Fascinating stuff!