Plant Recording Systems: Brahms

Standing for Botanical Research and Herbarium Management System BRAHMS was developed by University of Oxford Plant Sciences Department and has been around for quite some time.

It has similarities to other plant recording systems in that it is modular and configurable by the user to their needs. Its strength lies in the ability to integrate a lot of widely based data (GIS data, seed bank information, literature, herbarium specimens and surveying information); this makes it a powerful tool for conservation work both in- and ex-situ; it also provides tools for those wishing to embark on a monograph or flora. Another important plus is it outward-facing profile: it boasts dynamic links with global databases such as The Plant List and JSTOR; and BRAHMS installations can be linked to different databases and information transferred between them or outside to other databases.

Sample databases and information can be downloaded from their on-line portal for example a conifer database from Aljos Farjon; and there is a useful list of websites using the database to peruse, including a fascinating one on Plants of Namibia. Well worth having a look, if only for the wealth of information!