Xylella fastidiosa – an update

The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) has just published an update regarding the bacterial disease Xylella fastidiosa, including guidelines for nurseries and for anyone importing plants from non-EU countries or EU countries where it has been detected:

  • There are known outbreaks of Xylella fastidiosa in Italy, France (Corsica and mainland France).
  • An outbreak in the UK could lead to destruction of host plants within 100 m, and a 10 km movement ban for host plants for five years.
  • The host list is likely to increase and includes trees, shrubs and herbaceous. Genera currently on the list include, among others: Acer, Hebe, Laurus, Lavandula, Pelargonium, Prunus, Quercus, Rosa.
  • Landscapers, designers, retailers and anyone directly importing plants are now subject to the same stringent measures as growers and suppliers. Anyone importing host plants from the EU needs to ensure they are accompanied by a plant passport confirming they have been sourced from disease free areas/sites.
  • Be vigilant for signs of X. fastidiosa and report any sightings

Visit this page for further updates: