Agapanthus Gall Midge – take part in the survey

Have you noticed deformed or discoloured buds on your Agapanthus flowers?

The IPSN (International Plant Sentinel Network) is running a survey to determine the worldwide distribution of the Agapanthus gall midge and to collect information on the biology and lifecycle of the midge. This information will greatly help plant health scientists to determine the midge’s geographical spread, threat to flora and potentially help develop appropriate management measures.

The agapanthus gall midge affects flowers in the following ways: buds are deformed in shape and may have patches of brown discolouration; affected buds fail to open and either dry up or rot; if the infestation occurs as the flower spike is developing, the entire flower head may collapse or fail to develop; numerous creamy yellow or orange maggots, up to 3mm long, may be found inside the buds, crawling around in a watery liquid.


For additional information please refer to the fact sheet below:
IPSN Fact sheet_Agapanthus gall midge


The ISPN is interested to hear from gardeners who grow agapanthus and have or haven’t noticed Agapanthus gall midge damage.

To report your findings, fill the form below, or simply return a summary to
PlantHealthChecker_Agapanthus gall midge


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