Messenger Glasshouse – can you help?

We have received the request below from Collection Holder Gaby Belton, Dunskey Gardens, Scotland. Can you help?

Dunskey Gardens in Dumfries & Galloway is home to a range of Victorian and Edwardian glasshouses.  In 2015 the MacKenzie & Moncur Pot House was renovated and is once again fulfilling its’ original purpose by displaying potted plants as well as providing a space for horticultural demonstrations and workshops.  The next area of concern is the Messenger & Co glasshouse which was added to the MacKenzie & Moncur range in 1908.  There appear to be very few Messenger & Co glasshouses remaining in use and knowing the extent of surviving structures may help in the application for funding and grants to save these buildings.

Messenger & Co were based in Loughborough and produced glasshouses, conservatories, verandas and other horticultural buildings in the late 19th and early 20th century.  The name “Messenger & Co, Loughborough” can often be found on the mechanism for opening the side vents.  Another good identification feature is the almost art deco looking “rising sun” pattern on the eave and apex brackets.

If you know of any surviving Messenger & Co glasshouses please complete this survey and return it to

Messenger Co Glasshouse Survey



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