Jstor & digitised herbaria

As Collection Holder, you are entitled to access JSTOR, one of the leading worldwide digital libraries for botanical journals and books: http://www.jstor.org/

But did you know you are also able to visualise thousands of digitised herbarium specimens from over 300 institutions worlwide via the separate platform Jstor Global Plants http://plants.jstor.org/

To obtain your access code, email me at collections@plantheritage.org.uk or phone 01483447540.
Once logged in, you will be able to search for specimens by herbarium, plant name, date etc and zoom to see the specimens full-size, as if you were visiting the herbarium.

This is the standard specimen for Passiflora ‘Sapphire’ cultivated by Collection Holder John Vanderplank. It was collected  in 2002 and has been conserved at RHS Wisley (WSY) since then.



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