Specialist advice for newspaper column

A request from The Telegraph columnist Lia Leendertz, who is looking for specialist advice to share with readers.
If you would like to higlight plants from your collection and specific growing tips, please email your ideas via this link: Lia Leendertz

Last month I asked here for specialist nurseries’ contributions to my  column in the Telegraph and had such a good and interesting response that I would like to do it all again for August. If you are keen to get a mention for your nursery, please read the following guidelines *carefully* and get in touch:

– It is a ‘jobs in the garden’ column, so ideally I am looking for examples of August garden tasks that relate to your specialist plants.
– If it is a fairly common plant then please suggest an unusual/beautiful/tasty/heritage cultivar of it that I can mention.
– Please only get in touch if you can also supply the plant you are mentioning, or seeds of the plant, in August, by mail order and via a website.

My purpose in asking here is that it makes it more interesting for my readers to hear ‘prune your buddleias’ if I can also say ‘and if you dont have a buddleia then you might want to plant this lovely/odd/unusual one from such-and-such nursery’, but I hope it is also useful publicity for you. But please do think how your idea can fit into this format before getting in touch.




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