RHS Top 10 pests and diseases for 2016

The RHS has published its Top 10 list of plant pests and diseases reported by gardeners to the advisory service in 2016:

Top 10 pests:
1. Slugs/snails
2. Vine weevil
3. Fuchsia gall mite
4. Glasshouse thrips
5. Woolly aphid
6. Tortrix moths
7. Box tree moth
8. Rosemary beetle
9. Viburnum beetle
10. Ants

Top 10 diseases:
1. Honey fungus
2. Phytophthora diseases
3. Box blight
4. Rust
5. Leaf spots
6. Powdery mildews
7. Volutella blight
8. Bacterial diseases
9. Scab
10. Wood decay

Have you spotted some of these in your garden last year? You can help the RHS Plant Health team to monitor the most threatening pests (Rosemary beetleLily beetleBerberis sawfly and Hemerocallis gall midge) by sending your sightings to advisory_entomology@rhs.org.uk. Please have a look here for further information:

Images ©The RHS


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