DNA identification of fruit cultivars

FruitID is a volunteer community project started in 2009 to help with the identification of heritage fruit cultivars and their conservation. The website is home to a catalogue of apple varieties, with comprehensive information and pictures: http://www.fruitid.com

To help with identification, they are running a DNA Fingerprinting project in collaboration with East Malling research institute (NIAB-EMR). Results of the project will help the work of the National Fruit Collection at Brogdale, Kent.

DNA fingerprinting is a technique which consists in comparing small fragments of a sample DNA to an existing database; it is widely used to identify and distinguish plant cultivars.

Anyone can send a sample (leaf material) of apple, pear or cherry to be identified. The cost per sample is £25 + VAT. You will be informed if a suitable match is found in the National Fruit Collection. If not, you will be invited to name your variety.

For further information on the scheme, please have a look at the following link: 2017 DNA Fruit identification – Information sheet. To request a sample bag use this link: Sample bag order






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