Brother Bursary awards

Eight bursaries have been awarded this year to Collection Holders in partnership with Brother UK. Now in its ninth year, over 80 Collection Holders have benefited from the Brother Bursary – a total bursary figure of £18,000.

Awards were made to assist in the areas of pest and disease management, plant display and protection, promotion, publicity and interpretation, and curation and research. Find out more on our website:

The judging panel included garden writer and leading horticulturist Matthew Biggs, and Editor of RHS’s The Plantsman magazine Mike Grant. Speaking about the scheme, Matthew Biggs said: “The Brother Bursary scheme is a massive boost to Plant Heritage and a wonderful opportunity for Collection Holders to take a positive step towards fulfilling their ambitions for their plants. Judging was extremely difficult and the focus of much thought provoking debate but we are certain that those who received bursaries will benefit in their vital role in conserving threatened garden plants and spreading the message about their work to a wider audience“.

As part of the Bursary Brother also offered a selection of hand-held printers and professional labelling machines to be sent to Collection Holders after entries were put into a draw.

Full list of Brother Bursary awards made in 2017:

Collection Holder, Collection and Area

Stella Exley, Camassia, Yorkshire
Pop-Up Banners – for use in Educational displays for the genus Camassia.
Caroline Thompson, Narcissus (Backhouse cvs.), Fife, Scotland
Funding for interpretation in the garden with QR digital code labels explaining to visitors why the Backhouse daffodils are so special.
Linda Eggins, Aucuba japonica, Birmingham
Construction of shade area at Winterbourne House & Gardens, which provides propagation and growing on facilities for the Aucuba collection being housed at the University of Birmingham Edgbaston campus. Travel assistance for Linda Eggins to continue curating the Collection at the University of Birmingham site.
Fiona Butcher, Wisteria spp. & cvs., Cumbria
Display shelving for Wisteria collection – build a display area for wisteria planted in pots, especially bonsai specimens.
Judy Clarke, Correa, Sussex
Correa herbarium – the aim of this project is to prepare herbarium specimens of each taxon in the Collection, to be deposited in RHS Wisley Herbarium.
Gary Leaver, Hill Close Garden Trust, Dispersed Collection of Chrysanthemum(Hardy), Warwick
Heat Treatment of Chrysanthemum stools – To clean stock plants of stem and bud nematode and white rust.
Kristopher Harper, Fuchsia cvs. (introduced by James Lye), Norfolk
Professional photography of the Collection – creating a photographic record of our National Collection, to aid in the promotion and publicity of the plants by using high quality images.
Robin Graham, Drointon Nurseries, Primula auricula (Border), North Yorkshire
Framework for shading – to cover raised beds holding National Collection plants. Primula auricula benefit from shading from too much sun during the summer.

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