We have found 143 of the plants you’re searching for

We have found growing locations for 143 out of the 1,193 cultivars in the latest desiderata list. 54 of these are known to be ‘threatened in cultivation’ and 29 ‘near threatened’.

We are writing to all the growing locations first to recheck that the plants are still growing there before we put you in touch.

This is the first time we have been able to systematically check all the plants on the desiderata list as we now have a draft list of threatened cultivars for all genera, which is a great success of the Threatened Plants Project so far. We are continuing to check and will keep reporting back as we discover more.

Please help us keep the desiderata list up to date by letting us know what plants you’re searching for, either in your annual reports or you can contact us at any time: collections@plantheritage.org.uk 01483 447540.

If you or your establishment has an up to date list of all cultivars, not just in the National Collection/s, please email them to Kalani Seymour at tpp@plantheritage.org.uk or call 01483 447540, so we can search for plants even more widely.


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